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Thailand with a land area stretching for about 2,500 kilometers from the north to the south and 1,250 kilometers from the east to the west, has as many taste as it's people. To simplify things, Thai cuisine can be categorize into four distinct taste and characteristic based on the locality i.e. Northern region, North Eastern region, Central region and Southern region. Except for the Southern part population which is a mix between the Tai and the Malay from the Malay archipelago, majority of the Thai people are descendant from the Chinese people who migrated out from southern China into present day Thailand some 1200 years ago. These are the originals Thais known as the Tai. Mass migration of modern day Chinese people into Thailand occurs again from the late 1700s as part of Thailand rebuilding effort after their devastating war with the Burmese invader in the 1750s & 1760s. As such the local food here have their roots in Chinese cooking. However, through the centuries, the Thais have adapted their food to suit local taste and ingredients that today the recipes here are distinctly Thais with little resemblance to the original Chinese food.

Each region chicken recipes have their own unique taste as their own history and different influence from it's neighboring countries. The Northern Thai cuisines are influenced by the Burmese as can be seen in the generous use of ginger, tamarind and turmeric in their cooking. The Northern Thais also prefer food which is less spicy and milder compare to the rest of Thailand. The most obvious example can be seen in their version of chicken curries which is more sweet than spicy. For the North Eastern population, the influences of neighboring Indochina countries i.e. Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos in their cooking is obvious. This can be seen in the way they seasoned and barbecued their chicken. The Southern regions are basically and extension from the Malay Peninsular and as such the local cuisines there bore resemblance to the Malaysian Malay cuisine.
The Central Region is the areas from which much of Thailand internationally famous cuisines today originated. Due to its location which is at the center of the country, it acts as a mixing ground for the surrounding regions to produce a taste and flavor that is uniquely Thais. This couple with the facts that the central region have always been the centre for Thailand economy and political power house which attract foreigner from around the globe have produce a Thai recipes which is a perfect blend between eastern and western cooking and styles.

Today, although Thai cooking uses a variety of sauces which are common to other countries one sauce which is distinctly Thai is the fish sauce (local name : nam pla) which is used in almost all of Thai cooking. Other ingredients which characterize Thai food are the kaffir lime leave, basil, galangal and lemongrass. Lime juice, lemon juice and tamarind juice are also widely used in Thai cooking which gives us the signature taste of sourness in Thai recipes. Another important aspect of Thai food is the food presentation where it is taken seriously by the connoisseurs who insist that the art of food presentation is as important as the taste if not more. The artistry of the Thai people are clearly on display here where the food are adorned and decorated with various carving of vegetable and fruits.

Do not worry if you think that preparing and cooking Thai food is laborious and time consuming as here I have chosen some well known easy chicken recipes which are quick and simple to prepare. Since we are cooking for our own enjoyment, the food presentation part will not be that important. As rice is the staple food for the Thai people, the chicken dish here would normally be eaten with plain steam rice or glutinous rice. It is a fact that the Thais are fanatics when it came to eating rice, they will eat rice for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even during tea time. However, for us, bread will be a good substitute to eat together with the chicken dishes. For chicken recipes with gravy, you can also eat it with pasta using the thick gravy as pasta sauce.

Thai Recipes List:

 1. Sweet & Sour Soup(Tom Yum Kai)

 2. Chicken in screw pine(pandan)

 3. Thai Curry Roaster

 4. Galangal Roast Wings

 5. Thai's Green Curry

 6. Chicken with Cashew Nuts

 7. Coconut Soup(Tom Kha Kai)

 8. Thai Lime Flavor Roaster

 9. Thai Lemongrass Roaster

10. Tamarind with Mushroom

11. Tamarind Fried Chicken

12. Thai Ginger Chicken

13. Mango Salad

14. Rice Vermicelli Soup

15. Chili With Fish Sauce

16. Saffron rice(Khao Mok Gai)

17. Thai Red Curry

18. Basil Chicken

19. Fragrant Roaster With Stuffing

20. Sweet & Sour Plum Sauce

21. Creamy Coconut Chicken Soup # 2

22. Phat Thai (Pad Thai)

23. Paprika (Chili) Roaster    new

24. Rice Stick Noodles With ...    new

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