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The Middle Eastern country as the name suggest is a group of country situated in the eastern hemisphere which is located in the middle of three continent i.e. Asia, Africa and Europe. Officially, this area now is known as "West Asia" by the U.N. The countries that makes up West Asia in term of land area are Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, Iraq, Oman, Syria, Jordan, UAE, Israel, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon and Bahrain. The first four countries make up more than 85% of the land area. Each country have it's own unique cuisine that although might have the same name but different in the taste and style from each others.

Generally, due to the very dry climate of this area, more than 50% of the area is uninhabited desert. Rain fall is so low that fertile regions can only be found around the rivers and valleys that drain the mountains. Due to this harsh condition, traditionally, the people here rely heavily on a diet of dates, various lentils, figs, nuts, honey, dried fruit and yoghurt. The cuisine here are basically a fusion of Turkish, Arab and Persian style.

The Middle Eastern people also have their famous herbs and spices blend called "Za'atar". The main ingredients of Za'atar are ground dried thyme, oregano, marjoram, sesame seeds, salt and sumac with some variation from country to country. Za'atar is sprinkle on meats, veggies, rice, breads and on almost every food they eat. For spices blend, they have a mixtures of spices called "Baharat". The typical spices combinations used in a Baharat are allspice, black pepper, cloves, coriander, cumin, cardamom, nutmeg, cassia bark and dried chili and  is typically used for seasoning meat.

Another spice which are native to the Middle East is the saffron, also dubbed the most precious and most expensive spice in the world. Saffron comes from the dried stigmas of the flower saffron crocus. Saffron is used in Middle Eastern cooking not only as a seasoning for it's bitter taste with hay-like fragrance but also as a coloring agent to produce a golden orange yellow tint to the food. Sumac is another spice which is widely used in Middle Eastern cooking to gives the food a sour and tangy lemony taste.

The staple food in the Middle Eastern is rice but wheat is also widely consumed in the formed of pita bread. Today, perhaps the most well known cuisine from Middle Eastern regions are kebabs, kibbeh and shawarma. Kebabs can be found in almost every Middle Eastern restaurant in the major city of the world. Kebabs are basically meat marinated with herbs and spices which is then put on a skewer to be grilled. Some variety of kebab have a combination of cut vegetables or fruits interleave between the meat and then grill together. This combination gives the kebabs a beautiful combination of colors and outlook and more importantly, they are a complete healthy meal on a stick. Other popular dish includes kibbeh (make from ground rice or wheat mixed with mince meat and fry) and shawarma (Middle Eastern version of taco or burrito which is made from grilled meat and pita bread).

Middle Eastern recipes are generally easier and simpler to prepare as the combination of herbs and spices are not as elaborate. Middle Eastern people also boast that their food is more healthy as the preferred cooking method is grill or baked instead of frying and butter and oil are also use sparingly in the recipes. Also the generous use of olives in their cooking lend credibility to this claim. So come and try this delicious, healthy and easy to cook Middle Eastern recipes at your home.

Middle Eastern Easy Chicken Recipes List:

 1. Chicken In Clay Pot(Tagine)

 2. Chicken in Pita Bread(Shawarma)

 3. Saffron Chicken

 4. Shish Kebabs

 5. Chicken Kofta(deep fry meatballs)

 6. Saudi's Bukhari Stew

 7. Chickpeas & Onions recipe

 8. Olive & Lemon recipe

 9. Middle Eastern Omelette

10. Saudi Arabia Chicken Rice

11. Chicken with Pomegranate Stuffing

12. Chicken with Walnuts

13. Eggplant with Tomato

14. Moroccan Pie

15. Middle Eastern Tomato Chicken

16. Upside-down Eggplant Rice

17. Aubergine In Harissa Paste With Couscous

18. Lemon and Coriander Kebabs

19. Prunes And Couscous Tagine

20. Chili And Lime Kebabs

21. Chickpea, Onion And Apricot Tagine

22. Carrots And Dates Tagine

23. Chermoula Tagine

24. Moroccan Tagine

25. Moroccan Creamy Chicken

26. Moroccan Baked Rice

27. Baharat Flavor Tagine

28. Lebanese Chicken Rice With Lamb

29. Mandy Chicken Rice

30. Kibbeh (Baked Meat Ball)

31. Machboos - Aromatic Rice    new

32. Mansaf - Rice With Yoghurt Sauce    new

33. Potato Roaster    new

34. Stuffed Green Peppers with Meat    new

35. Chicken and Onion Pie    new

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