Malaysian Easy Chicken Recipes

Hot, Spicy, Sweet and Creamy

Malaysian cuisine are a fusion of the diverse ethnic groups living harmoniously there since hundreds of years ago. Although each ethnic cuisine have their own signature taste and characteristic, the influence of each styles to the others are inevitable as they interact with each other during their daily life.

This has caused the predominant and indigenous Malay cuisine to be greatly influence by the other ethnic groups which migrated from the surrounding countries or through trade. The biggest influence comes from country such as India, China and the Middle East due to the location of the Malay Peninsular which is part the major shipping route linking the Indian Ocean with the South China Sea. From a historical point, the Malay in the Malaysia have their roots in the surrounding Malay archipelago which consist of Sulawesi, Java, Sumatra, Mindanao, Borneo etc.

The recipes listed here will be mainly traditional Malay recipes which can be describe as hot, spicy, sweet and aromatic due to it's generous use of spices, herbs and seasoning. In Malay food, the basic ingredients normally involve the use of chili, coconut milk and shrimp paste with the addition of other herbs and spices. The spices, herbs and seasonings are usually pounded and mix to make a fine paste and then fry(sauté) in oil until you can smell the fragrance oozing from the paste. Fresh coconut milk is then added to give it a creamy taste. As in other parts of Asia, rice is serve as the main dish accompany by the dishes. The Malay people traditionally use their hand to eat and they will testify that this will add an extra oomph to the taste of the food. Eating with hands have it's own rules, where only the right hands are used. The tips of the fingers are used to scoop the food and the thumb is used to push the food into the mouth. The palm of the hand is not used and it's consider good manners to keep it clean and not messy with food.

Malaysian Recipes List:

 1. Chicken With Chili Paste

 2. Chicken With Spicy Tomato Paste

 3. Malaysian Style Stew

 4. Dry Curry

 5. Malaysian Coconut Curry

 6. Fried Chicken With Shrimp Paste

 7. Spicy Soy Sauce

 8. Spicy Coconut Stew(Rendang)

 9. Ginger Chicken

10. Spicy Barbecued Roaster

11. Rose Chicken

12. Brown Sauce Chicken

13. Meat Fritter

14. Chili Paste With Peas

15. Steam Meat With Cinnamon

16. Fried Ginger

17. Satay Kajang

18. Curry Noodles

19. Dry Spicy Curry

20. Curry In A Bread Bowl

21. Curry Coconut

22. Spicy Black Pepper Roaster

23. Penang Fried Koay Teow (Char Koay Teow)    new

24. Stir Fried Hokkien Mee (dark)    new

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