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Indonesian cuisine and cooking style is a reflection of its diverse culture and tradition that came from its archipelago of more than 6,000 islands. With a population of about 250 million people, Indonesia is the country with the fourth largest population in the world after China, India and the United States. It has over three hundreds ethnic groups and the three largest groups are the Javanese (45%), Sudanese (14%) and Madurese (8%). Indonesian foods and chicken dishes are world famous for its generous use of spices as it has been the center of spice trade since a few hundreds years ago due to is location and rich natural resources. The Maluku Island is in fact called the 'spice islands' and has been colonized by various foreign powers who want to control the spice trade. Today, spices such as kemiri(candlenuts), chili, temu kunci(fingerroot or Chinese ginger), lengkuas(galangal), jahe(ginger), kencur(lesser galangal) and , kunyit(turmeric) are used extensively in their daily cooking. Indonesian cooking method, styles and ingredients has also been influences through trade or colonization from countries such as India, China, the Middle East, Portuguese, Spain and England.

Indonesia is a big country with diverse ethnicity, as such there are bound to be many different cooking styles and flavor based on the regions from which the delicious chicken cuisine come from. From the Minangkabau region, which is located in West Sumatra, we have the Padang's style food which is famous for its hot and spiciness due to the strong influence from the Indian trader. From Central Java we have foods that are more sweet and creamy due to the generous used of coconut milk in the cooking. From West Java, we have the Sundanese cuisine which is characterize by its fresh, simple and clear taste that is mildly salty and sweet. The cuisine from East Javanese which is influence by the Madurese, is more salty and less sweet.

Indonesia also has some famous and well known food tradition such as the Rijsttafel or rice table and the 'Tumpeng'. The Rijsttafel is a lavish feast and is an influence from the Dutch during the colonial period. In the Rijsttafel feast, rice prepared in various ways is served with various side dishes in small portion. It is said that a classic Rijsttafel will have at least 40 different dishes to be eaten with the rice. Nasi Tumpeng which originated from Jawa is another important dish which is often serves during the celebration of important or special events and during religious ceremony. In Tumpeng, rice is often cooked with turmeric or coconut milk and made into a cone shape mountain. The rice will then be surrounded with various Indonesian dishes before being served.

The staple food for most of the Indonesians people is rice. Beside rice, others food such as corn, sago, singkong (cassava) and sweet potatoes are also eaten. Chicken is also another favorite dishes for the population. The preferred method of the Indonesian people in cooking their delicious chicken recipes is by grilling, baking and frying.

Indonesia Easy Chicken Recipes List :

 1. Opor Ayam(Braised Chicken in Coconut)

 2. Pecel Ayam (Salad With Chili Dip)

 3. Rica-Rica Grill Chicken   new

 4. Roast Chicken With Candlenut   new

 5. Coconut Flavor Fried Chicken   new

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