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The Indian subcontinent is huge with an area size of 1.3 million sq. mile. In 2010, the population is estimate to be more than 1.2 billion people. With this massive land area and population it is to be expected that the cuisine and chicken recipes here will also be as diverse as the population. The subcontinent of India had over 30 regions or territories and it is estimated to have more than two thousands ethnic groups with the Indo-Aryan forming the majority. Each regions have it's own different taste and identity reflecting the varied demographics of the country. However, Indian recipes can be categorize into 5 different style based on the regions i.e. northern (e.g. Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jodhpur), southern (e.g. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu), eastern( e.g. West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa), western(e.g. Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa) and north-eastern(e.g. Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Manipur).

Indian cuisines have evolves from a civilization that spans for over 5000-year-old timeline. During this long period, the culture and food recipes has changed following the changed in geographical boundaries and interactions with outsiders. As such, Indian Cooking has evolved significantly over time due to the many influences brought into the country by the various rulers and travelers. This makes the original chicken recipes becoming tastier with the assimilation of the myriad influences.

Indian society having their roots in Hinduism are largely a vegetarian society since ancient time. However, luckily for us, chicken lover, in 2010, it is estimated that only a third of India's population are vegetarian. So do not worry that Indians lack of chicken recipes as I sure you have heard about famous Indian chicken recipes such as Tandoori Chicken, Masala Chicken, Briayani Chicken and many more.

Of all the unique spices, herbs and ingredients used in Indian cooking, perhaps Garam Masala stands out as Indian original. Garam Masala is a blend of various herbs and the composition vary from regions to regions with each region claiming that theirs is the best. Garam Masala have a sweet and pungent smells but not hot or spicy. Some common ingredients used are peppercorns, cloves cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise etc. The staples of Indian also vary from region to region depending on the land climate and crop. In the south and east region, rice and millet is the staple there but in the drier northern region wheat is the main dish. Various pulses such as red lentil, pea, gram and dhal are also eaten as the main dish.

Indian food are famous for it's laborious and time consuming preparation. The number of ingredients used in a recipe can be massive with numerous mix of herbs, spices and seasonings. This is because the Indian women believed in showing their affection and love through their cooking and food. Recipes and cooking techniques are inherited from generation to generation, often passing down from grandmother to mother to daughter. But don't let this frighten you from trying to cook Indian dish at home. I have specially chosen recipes which are easy to prepare but delicious for you to try and savor.

Indian Easy Recipes List :

 1. Chicken Tandoori 

 2. Chicken Vada

 3. Chicken Korma

 4. Cauliflower Chicken Korma

 5. Indian Curry Vindaloo

 6. Indian Chicken Dilruba

 7. Indian Chicken Tikka

 8. Chicken And Fried Onion Curry

 9. Chicken Mappas

10. Fried Wings With Chili Sauce Coating

11. Roasted Coconut Flesh Curry

12. Mulligatawny Stew / Soup

13. Mulligatawny Curry Stew / Soup

14. Palak(Spinach) Curry

15. Mango Curry

16. Crispy And Spicy Fried Wings

17. Butter(Makhani) Chicken

18. Masala Curry

19. Green Masala Curry

20. Madras Curry

21. Chicken 65

22. Indian Chili Fried Chicken

23. Kerala Roaster

24. Indian Pepper Chicken

25. Chicken Cooked In A Wok(Kadai)

26. Chicken With Fenugreek(Methi)

27. Indian Spicy Pepper Chicken

28. South Indian Curry

29. Indian (Chettinad) Stir Fry Chicken

30. Indian Biryani Rice

31. American Style Masala Murgh   new

32. Madras's Spicy Tomato Sauce   new

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