Chinese Easy Chicken Recipes

Healthy and Low Fat

The Chinese people have a very long culture and food history that span more than 8000 years. They are thought to be the first civilization to have domesticated the wild animals starting from pigs, dog, chicken and later on to include oxen and sheep. History has shown that the Chinese place great importance on their food and cooks are highly treasured in China since the ancient time. During the Chinese Imperial period many scholars double up as cooks where with their knowledge, they will try to improve or create new recipes for the king.

Today Chinese cuisine in China can be categorized into eight styles or flavor based on the regions from which the cuisine originated. They are :

  1. From the Western Region, we have Sichuan Cuisine which is famous for being China's hottest and spiciest food.
  2. From Southern China, we have Guangdong cuisine that is very famous for its steaming, boiling and stir-frying cooking style.
  3. From Eastern China, we have Shandong cuisine, which is well known for its generous use of shallot and garlic in their recipes.
  4. From the East Coast of China, we have Jiangsu cuisine, which place great importance on the freshness of the ingredients and its presentation.
  5. From the South-Central part of China, we have the Hunan cuisine, which is famous for its hot and peppery recipes.
  6. From China's southeastern coast, we have the Fujian cuisine, which is well known for its seafood and colorful food.
  7. From the Eastern shore of China, we have Zhejiang cuisine, notably for its fresh, sweet and juicy flavor.
  8. Last but not the least, we have Anhui cuisine which is an inland province in Southeast China which is famous for the use of herbs in stewing and braising.

Today, there are thousands of Chinese chicken recipes each with its uniqueness and cooking styles. Chinese food have spread far and wide and are well known around the world today. In fact, Chinese food can be found in almost all of the major town in the Western world today as the Chinese have been emigrating to new land in search of a better life since hundreds of years ago. With this migration, they bring along their culture and cuisine with them and have created new recipes to adapt to the local ingredients, conditions and taste.

Traditional and authentic Chinese recipes very seldom use cream, butter or cheese. Oil is also used sparingly as can been seen in their stir-fry cooking style. Traditional Chinese food is also very healthy as it uses many stir-fries, steaming, double boiling or braising as their cooking method. The staple of the Chinese people today are rice although wheat-based foods like noodles are also widely consumed.

Although Chinese cooking can be very complicated and required lots of skills that took years to master, do not let this frighten you from cooking Chinese food in your kitchen. Not all Chinese foods are complicated and difficult to cook. There are many delicious chicken recipes that only require minimal ingredients that are also easily obtain. The cooking method is also simple and most of the time the only utensils needed is a wok and a spatula with a hot stove.

Here I will give you Chinese chicken recipes from countries around the Asian region and not only from China as what Voltaire says "Originality is nothing but judicious imitation. The most original writers borrowed one from another", so the best recipes also are often imitation from the original ideas and improved upon. The important point is that the chicken recipes here are all delicious and easy to prepare and cook.

Chinese Recipes List:

 1. Deep Fried Spring Roll

 2. Gung Pao Chicken(Hot & Spicy)

 3. Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice

 4. Szechuan Salad

 5. Braised Chicken In Soy Sauce

 6. Braised Mushroom & Carrot

 7. Beggar's Chicken

 8. Ants Climbing A Tree

 9. Steamed Glutinous Rice

10. Lion's Head Meatballs

11. Spicy Carrot And Onions

12. Chicken Marmite With Chili

13. Diced Meat In Yam Basket

14. Lemon Chicken

15. Wonton Noodles Soup

16. Sizzling Hot Plate Noodles

17. Empress Chicken

18. Drunken Chicken

19. Shark's Fin-less Soup

20. Chop Suey

21. Chicken With Garlic Sauce

22. Chow Mein

23. Steamed Chicken With Soy Sauce

24. Chap Chye(Chinese Mix Vegetables)

25. Bang Bang Ji Si    new

26. Baked Chicken with Lemon Sauce    new

27. Chicken & Pineapple(Bird of Paradise)    new

28. Asparagus with Chicken    new

29. Sesame Paste Chicken Salad    new


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