Fried Chicken with Shrimp Paste Recipe

This delicious Fried Chicken with Shrimp Paste Recipe uses fermented shrimp paste (known locally in Malaysia as ‘belacan’) as its main flavoring ingredients. Belacan is the Malaysian version of fermented shrimp paste and is made from krill (tiny shrimp) mixed with salt. To make belacan, the krill are steamed and then grounded into a paste and left to ferment. The paste is then hard-pressed into blocks to remove the water, sun dried and then left to ferment again. The end result is a block that is slightly moist with very pungent smell and taste. As such, when preparing this recipe, go easy on the amount of belacan that you use. Click on this link to get your free ‘Fried Chicken with Shrimp Paste Recipe’.

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Lion’s head chicken meatball recipe

Lion’s head meatball is an easy to prepare meatballs dish that is made to look like a lion’s head. This is a classic Shanghainese dish and is said to be one of the imperial dish that is often serve to the emperor. It is also said that eating these lion’s head meatballs will make you strong as a lion. The main ingredients used in making the meatballs are grounded meat such as pork or chicken, some chopped water chestnut to give the meatballs some crunchy texture and Chinese cabbage (or bok choy). Visit this page for your free Lion’s head chicken meatball recipe and many other delicious and easy to cook Chinese recipes for you to try.

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Pad/Phat Thai Recipe (Stir Fried Rice Noodle)

Pad or Phat Thai is one of Thailand National dishes and was made famous during the 1930’s and 1940’s. Although is has the word “Thai” in its name, this dish was said to have originated from Vietnam. There are many different styles and ingredients use to cook this delicious an easy to make stir-fried noodle. However, in an authentic tasting Pad or Phat Thai recipe, you need to use fish sauce, palm sugar and lime juice in making the seasonings that is use to cook the rice noodles. In Thailand, the best Pad or Phat Thai is often cooked by hawkers from their street carts. Visit this site for more great and easy to cook chicken recipes from Thailand.

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Middle Eastern Chicken Rice Dishes – Machboos (Machbous) & Mansaf

Two very popular rice dishes from the Middle Eastern countries are the Machboos (or Machbous) and the Mansaf (which means Chicken Rice with Yogurt Sauce). The rice in these dishes is normally cooked with generous portions of spices and herbs to give the rice a very flavorful and aromatic taste. In cooking Mansaf, the chicken meats are stewed first before being cooked in a yoghurt base sauce to give a creamy tasting chicken. To make your chicken rice meal more healthy tries serving some the rice with some salad or sliced cucumber.  Visit this website for your free Machboos (or Machbous) recipe and Mansaf recipe and many other easy to cook chicken recipes from Asian countries.

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Okonomiyaki(Japanese pancakes)and Takoyaki (Grilled Octopus Ball)

If your want to prepare some delicious  snacks with some Japanese flavor, then try making some okonomiyaki with chicken and takoyaki with chicken . These snacks are easy to prepare and taste delicious. Oknomiyaki which is the Japanese version of pancakes is made by mixing shredded cabbage, flour, eggs, chicken meat and seafood together. The batter is then cooked on a hot pan until golden brown. Takoyaki which means “grilled octopus” in Japanese is made from pieces of octopus which is mix into a flour base batter. Although the original recipes for these takoyaki balls calls for the addition of pieces of boiled octopus, you can replace it with chicken meat if you do not like the taste of octopus. Visit these pages for your free Okonomiyaki with Chicken recipe and Takoyaki with Chicken Recipe and many more easy to cook chicken recipes from Asia.

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Indonesia Easy Chicken Recipes

Indonesian foods are well known in the world today for its generous use of spices.  This is due to its location which is in the center of the spice trade since the early century. The Maluku Island in the Indonesian archipelago is in fact called the ‘spice islands’ and are well known for it production of pepper, nutmeg, cloves, mace, ginger and cinnamon. Today, the Indonesian cooking recipes has been influences from countries such as India, China, the Middle East, Portuguese, Spain and England through trade or colonization. Rice is the staple food in Indonesia and is normally eaten with side dishes of vegetables and meat. The meat of choice among the population here is chicken and it is often cook by grilling, baking and frying. For more information about Indonesian Food and easy chicken recipes, click on the link.

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How to cook the best Japanese Tempura

Tempura is a popular dish that is serve by many fast food outlets or restaurants in Japan. Tempuras are also often served as part of a bento box (lunch box) together with some other dishes.  It is best serve with a dipping sauce made from a mixture of dashi sauce, mirin sauce, soy sauce and grated radish. To make the best tempuras, you should use the freshest ingredients available. The batter use should also be freshly mix and use up quickly. When frying, the temperature of the oil should be at the correct and optimum level to prevent greasy oil residue on the tempuras coating. Visit this page for your free Tempura With Chicken, Fish, Shrimp and Vegetables Recipe.

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Malaysian Style Dry Spicy Curry Chicken

Do you know that one of the main ingredients in curry powder is a spice called turmeric? Turmeric is the ingredients that gives curry its yellowish color and one of the main components in it is curcumin. It is said that curcumin have many health benefits such as strengthening your immune system, keeping your digestive system healthy and maintaining healthy functions of blood and liver system. One of the easiest methods to increase the intake of curcumin in your diet is by eating more curry. Visit this page for a free ‘Malaysian Style Dry Spicy Curry Chicken’ recipe and many other delicious curry recipes for you to try.

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Indian Chicken Dilruba Recipe & Chicken Korma with Cauliflower Recipe

The word curry is from the Tamil language ‘Kari’ that means gravy or sauce. Originally, ‘Kari’ powder is just a term to describe a blend of different spices in India and will normally have the following spices or herbs as its main ingredients i.e.  chili, cumin, coriander, turmeric and some other spices or herbs based on the region where it originates. In India, each region has their version of curry powder mix, cooking style and taste preference. If you like to eat curry that is thick and creamy, ‘Indian Chicken Dilruba recipe’ from Northern India should be your choice. If you like a less creamy curry, then try this ‘chicken korma with cauliflower recipe’, which is cooked without using any milk or yoghurt. Visit the following sites to get your free ‘Indian Chicken Dilruba recipe’ and ‘chicken korma with cauliflower recipe’.

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Spicy Tomato Paste Chicken Recipe

Chicken with Spicy Tomato Paste Recipe or ‘chicken cook in red sauce’ is a favorite chicken dish in Malaysia where red ripe juicy tomatoes are cooked together with red chilies and mix with some other spices and herbs to give the gravy an aromatic aroma with a hot and sour taste.  This is an easy to cook recipe and taste delicious if eaten with some flavor rice such as biryani rice or tomato rice or just plain white rice. You can also use the gravy as a dipping sauce to eat with bread.  Follow this link to get your free ‘Chicken with Spicy Tomato Paste Recipe’.

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